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Live & Learn: Unexpected Lessons from God’s Classroom

Have you ever asked God, “Haven’t I learned enough, yet?”  I have. Once again, I find myself sitting in God’s classroom.  There’s always a new lesson to learn, a new trial to overcome, or a deeper insight to glean. It seems like I never outgrow learning lessons in God’s classroom. I’m excited to announce the […]


Three Mindsets that Can Derail New Beginnings

New beginnings can be exciting. But sometimes new beginnings are the result of painful circumstances. God often uses life’s difficulties to move us forward, change our direction, or give us a new purpose.  For me, a diagnosis of ovarian cancer opened a door I never dreamed possible. I sensed the Lord leading me to write […]


7 Steps—Replace Fretting with Peace

Once again, a friend of mine chided me for fretting as I raged about the pervasive evil I saw in the world today. “This is not your circus,” my friend said. “These are not your monkeys.”  All of these circumstances in the world were beyond my control and out of the realm of my influence. […]


Snapshots of Hope & Heart

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for that special person in your life? Snapshots of Hope & Heart may be the perfect gift.  Snapshots of Hope & Heart is a 12 week devotional shining the light on God’s Word. This WordGirl collective features 84 devotions by 34 women. These devotions are inspirational snapshots of true-to-life experiences, offering […]


We May be Done But We’re Not Finished

As a woman over 50, I never imagined the doors of opportunity God would open for me. He took me from my position as a critical care nurse, through ovarian cancer, to becoming the author of In Her Shoes: Dancing in the Shadow of Cancer. I realized that God is able to weave the difficulties of […]


Distorted Vision

A black form with spindly legs dropped and dangled next to my left eye. I jumped as I swiped at it, but the black glob hovered. I splashed water in my eye and rubbed it. The spidery form not only remained, but spawned spider babies drifting throughout my field of vision. That evening, lightening strikes […]


Superheroes of Faith

I’ll never outgrow my need for superheroes.  Superheroes use their extraordinary abilities to make the world a better place. But not all superheroes wear capes.  My superheroes are women of faith empowered by the Spirit of God. I am grateful to the Lord for the godly women he has brought into my life to mentor […]


Life Repurposed

Have you ever wondered if you could ask God for a do-over? I have. But I’ve also discovered he can take the ashes of my life and create something beautiful out of my messes, pain, and brokenness.  Life Repurposed is a book about women who have experienced brokenness. But their life’s journey doesn’t end there. God […]


Holy Week—A Blueprint for Turbulent Times

This past year hasn’t gone according to my plan. The results of my hopes and prayers haven’t been what I expected or even desired. I’ve felt bewildered, disappointed, and disillusioned. I haven’t understood how these outcomes could be God’s will. As I grappled to understand this past season, God gave me a BLUEPRINT of how to respond in these […]


Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom

New Release! I am excited to announce the release of Wit, Whimsy & Wisdom, a 12-week devotional to shine the light on God’s Word.  This book is a WordGirl collective and features 84 devotions from 22 women. I had the privilege of submitting five pieces from my true-to-life experiences.  Each one of us underwent the acceptance/rejection process […]