Colliding with My Destiny from God


Colliding with My Destiny from God

A crisis of any kind is an unwelcome intrusion upon my very well-orchestrated plans.  When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, little did I know how cancer would change the course of my life. I searched for other survivors. But there were no support groups or Gilda’s clubs. Were there other survivors? A friend gave […]


Sage, Salt & Sunshine

Are you looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your mother or another special lady in your life? I’m excited to announce the release of a new book celebrating the lives of women who have inspired us. Sage, Salt, & Sunshine: Women Inspiring Women with Insight, Truth, Light & Joy. I have the privilege of […]


A Mary Heart in a Martha World

woman praying


Waiting in HOPE

Mom could no longer manage another winter in her house. We decided to sell her home and move her into assisted living by Christmas. Several buyers walked through, but they shook their heads. The house needed too much work.  I feared it wouldn’t sell. Doubt and worry had whittled down my hope and left me […]


Restore Sparkle to Your Hope

I opened my invitation. The words unfurled like a banner—Sparkle of Hope.  Hope?  Stress from unforeseen circumstances had sapped my strength and drained my hope.  The words that spread across the invitation to our ovarian cancer fundraising gala convicted me. My hope had lost its sparkle.  I recalled another September in 2006 when I clung […]


Live & Learn: Unexpected Lessons from God’s Classroom

Have you ever asked God, “Haven’t I learned enough, yet?”  I have. Once again, I find myself sitting in God’s classroom.  There’s always a new lesson to learn, a new trial to overcome, or a deeper insight to glean. It seems like I never outgrow learning lessons in God’s classroom. I’m excited to announce the […]


Three Mindsets that Can Derail New Beginnings

New beginnings can be exciting. But sometimes new beginnings are the result of painful circumstances. God often uses life’s difficulties to move us forward, change our direction, or give us a new purpose.  For me, a diagnosis of ovarian cancer opened a door I never dreamed possible. I sensed the Lord leading me to write […]


7 Steps—Replace Fretting with Peace

Once again, a friend of mine chided me for fretting as I raged about the pervasive evil I saw in the world today. “This is not your circus,” my friend said. “These are not your monkeys.”  All of these circumstances in the world were beyond my control and out of the realm of my influence. […]



The radiating warmth of the sun lured me to the window. Deceptive warmth, since the temperature had plunged past freezing and a thick layer of snow blanketed the lawn. The white flakes sparkled beneath the sun’s rays. As my eyes adjusted to the glare, I noticed long shadows stretching across the ground. Barren trees blocked […]


Snapshots of Hope & Heart

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for that special person in your life? Snapshots of Hope & Heart may be the perfect gift.  Snapshots of Hope & Heart is a 12 week devotional shining the light on God’s Word. This WordGirl collective features 84 devotions by 34 women. These devotions are inspirational snapshots of true-to-life experiences, offering […]