Speaking Topics

Looking for an inspirational speaker?Joanie would love to speak to your group whether a church or community group on topics including:

  • Cancer and Ovarian Cancer
  • Gratitude
  • Joy
  • Our identity in Christ
  • Triumph in Tragedy
Joanie after speaking at one heart women's conference with other women attendees

Dancing in the Shadow of Cancer

Joanie did not choose a path that included ovarian cancer and chemotherapy. But along the way, she found a new purpose in life—encouraging those eclipsed by the shadow of cancer.

The Elusive Mr. Happiness

Compared to many in the world, I have more than enough. So why am I unhappy? We will explore those things we think will make us happy and why they don’t. Joanie shares how we can be truly happy.

Torn, Tattered, Woven

Life events can tear us apart. We wonder if we will ever be whole again. But God gathers the tattered pieces of our lives and weaves them into a beautiful tapestry reflecting His glory. Joanie will share how God used a diagnosis of ovarian cancer to reshape her life message.


With no warning, fires roar and blaze around us, leaving a wake of devastation and debris. How do we come through trials by fire in our lives without smelling like smoke? Joanie speaks from her experience as a cancer survivor to show that you too can survive the firestorms in your life with the fire safety principles of stop, drop and roll.

Help! My World is Spinning Out of Control!

How are we to respond when our lives and everything around us is beyond our control? God has revealed a pattern for us in Psalm 37. Joanie shares how we can live in peace despite the circumstances surrounding us.

Identity Theft

Every day we are confronted by an enemy who tries to steal our identity with lies. But who does God say we are? What is our true identity?

I’m Sinking! Where is My Life Preserver?

We all carry baggage. Some of us more than others. Is my baggage preventing me from seeing Jesus in my boat? What do I need to toss overboard?

If Joy Is the Language of Heaven, Then Why Do I Feel Like a Foreigner?

Jesus said He came so we may have joy. But what is joy? How can I experience joy in my everyday life? (This message can be presented as one message or divided into three parts for a retreat format.)

  • Session I – What is joy? – A biblical perspective of joy.
  • Session II – What are my joy obstacles? How do I overcome them?
  • Session III – The joy of the Lord—Let’s celebrate!

Other topics available upon request.