Life Repurposed

Have you ever wondered if you could ask God for a do-over? I have. But I’ve also discovered he can take the ashes of my life and create something beautiful out of my messes, pain, and brokenness. 

Life Repurposed is a book about women who have experienced brokenness. But their life’s journey doesn’t end there. God touched each one in the midst of her pain and transformed her into a vessel of his grace.


I am amazed at the power of testimonies through sharing our stories. Our stories offer encouragement, wisdom, and hope.

I am thrilled my story “Grief to Gratitude” has been included in this compilation book offering 34 stories of grace, hope, and restoration by Michelle Rayburn.

I’m also excited that a portion of the royalties from this book goes toward rescuing girls from human trafficking through Destiny

Here is a sneak peek at a few nuggets of wisdom, hope, and encouragement from our contributors.

One of our authors, Teresa Janzen, interviewed me on her program, Drawn Onward. I have included the link to my interview with Teresa here:

Here is the link to my Life Repurposed interview with Michelle Rayburn on Facebook. We discuss gratitude in the midst of pain.

Life Repurposed is available on Amazon.

Your Story + My Story Become our Stories.

What is your story?

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  1. Excellent post, excellent interview, Joanie! The information you provide probably can never be overstated. You and your story are such inspiration, too! Thank you.

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