I Survived Ovarian Cancer!


I Survived Ovarian Cancer!

Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day. I am an ovarian cancer survivor. I had observed the ravages of cancer and chemotherapy inflicted upon my patients as an oncology nurse. But I joined their ranks when ovarian cancer flung me to the other side of the bed. Nursing scrubs and shoes gave way to tieback gowns […]


12 Steps to Spiritual Wellness (Even During Illness)

March is spiritual wellness month. I don’t believe that it is a coincidence that it usually coincides with the liturgical season of lent, a time when Christians focus on how the death and resurrection of Christ have transformed our lives. We are a triune being—spirit, soul and body, so interrelated that the lack of health […]


Love Is…(9 Acts of Love Recounted by Cancer Survivors)

Love—romance, flowers, hearts, chocolates and Valentine’s Day. But is this really love? I asked my fellow cancer survivors the following question—What acts of kindness expressed love to you when you were diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy? Let us count the ways: Prayer – Cancer is bigger than we are, but not bigger than God. […]


Survive Life’s Firestorms (Without Smelling Like Smoke)

A firestorm blasted my world. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Firestorms—those unexpected, devastating losses that disrupt our lives. It may be the loss of a loved one, health, job, home or dream. The derailment may be temporary or have lasting effects. How do we not only survive but also overcome these catastrophes? During the […]


Embracing the light of Christmas While Navigating a Crisis

Everywhere I go I am reminded of Christmas: lights twinkle, trees sparkle, bells chime, shoppers scurry and Christmas carols ring out the joy of the season. Wreaths with cheery red bows adorn the entrances of my neighbors’ homes. I stare at my bare door as I enter my home devoid of Christmas decor. My fireplace […]


BEAT Ingratitude this Thanksgiving

Do you find it hard to be grateful? Sometimes the challenges we face make it difficult to feel thankful. When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was not overcome with gratitude. But I was grateful that I could turn to a God who loved me and had a plan for my life. Ingratitude is […]


In Her Shoes

We are women. We love shoes. Our closets are chock-full: stilettos, flats, platforms, sandals, flip-flops, tennies, boots, athletic shoes. For each occasion we agonize over our perfect outfit right down to our feet. Sometimes it’s a delicate balance of comfort versus fashion. Women with ovarian cancer have trod in all of these shoes. We come […]


The Whisperer

Stop. Listen! Do you hear the whispers of ovarian cancer? This insidious disease assaults over 20,000 unsuspecting women per year and is the most lethal of all female cancers. Since there are no screening tests, it is often diagnosed in the latter stages. As an oncology nurse, it’s a tragedy I’d witnessed too many times. […]


Boomers Making A Difference

Coffee in hand, the 3rd year medical students wander into the conference room and take their seats across from us. We are ovarian cancer survivors. Today, the three of us are presenting to their class. We follow the guidelines from Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives® program sponsored by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Our […]


Bald Is Beautiful

“Bald is beautiful,” said the young woman on the television screen as she proudly displayed her shaved head. I was not alone. She had also braved chemotherapy as a result of ovarian cancer. During the entire course of my treatment, television stations aired this commercial. I held onto this message like a child clutching a […]