Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part III)

A luncheon in Fitchburg prompted the next leg of my Bucky quest. I wanted to track down the Buckys before the rain.

“Biotech Bucky”
“Biotech Bucky” donned in safety glasses and a lab coat provides inspiration to budding scientists.

“Bike The ‘Burg’ Bucky”
Sporting a bike helmet, “Bike The ‘Burg’ Bucky” displays scenes from traditional Wisconsin countryside encountered by bicyclists, including orchards, flowers and a barn.

“Between the Lakes”
As I headed home, I spied Bucky “Between the Lakes” and swerved into a nearby parking lot. Bucky proudly displays the Wisconsin Capitol on his chest and on his backside the Capitol amid a sea of tulips.

At Warner Park, “Broadcaster Bucky” is always ready to update us with the latest news, weather and sports.

“America’s Badgerland” Bucky
After an evening band concert, I took another pass through campus, determined to find the elusive Buckys. Once again I wound around Observatory Drive, detouring off in search of the School of Veterinary Medicine. I pulled into a parking lot, rolled down my window and asked a couple if they knew where I could find Bucky. They exchanged dubious glances. No, they had come to drop off their dog. Back on the street in front of the vet school, I spotted “America’s Badgerland” Bucky, a Holstein cow plastered on his chest. I swung into a 24/7 permit-only lot, jumped out, snapped Bucky and headed to Henry Mall.

“Blooming Bucky”
I slid in next to a dumpster behind a building, unsure if I was in an actual parking space. I followed my gaze toward “Blooming Bucky,” depicting Wisconsin prairies and wildflowers, overlaid with large pink blossoms.

“Graduation Bucky”
I hopped back into my vehicle, thankful for no ticket and headed toward Bascom Hall. I started to turn onto an asphalt drive, but soon discovered this was probably a walkway and not a drive through. I backed out and slipped into another 24/7 permit-only lot behind the building. While searching for Buckys on campus, I had refused to climb Bascom Hill, a steep incline that winded me in my twenties and would certainly challenge my cardiac system today. I crossed the hill, locating “Graduation Bucky” complete with cap, gown and diploma.

“One Leg Up Bucky”
I wound around Observatory Drive and noted the Bucky stationed at the fountain had returned from the Bucky hospital. A car parked beneath a “No parking” sign pulled out. I whipped in, hit my flashers and snapped “One Leg Up Bucky” showered with pink flamingoes.

“Golden Bucky”
As the sun sank into the horizon, I decided to make one more Bucky pass— the Edgewater Hotel. As I pulled into the lot, my headlights shone on the elusive “Golden Bucky.” I glanced around for a parking space, spotted a “No Idling” sign, and slipped into the spot. I rationalized, I’m parking, not idling. “Golden Bucky” gleamed against the backdrop of a lemon sunset shimmering in the waters of Lake Mendota. 

“Friday Night Fish Fry” Bucky
But where was the Edgewater Bucky? I asked an employee and she directed me to a series of tortuous stairways leading to the pier. The dizzying heights spurred a detour into the hotel, down the elevator, through the cocktail lounge and out to the pier filled with patrons enjoying the music and the sunset over the lake. As the water lapped the pier, I caught an unappetizing whiff of algae and dead fish. “Friday Night Fish Fry” Bucky had returned with his catch, standing on a base resembling a relish tray.

“We All Fit Together” Bucky
While shopping in Sun Prairie, my sister joined me on my Bucky adventure to Cannery Row, posing with “We All Fit Together” Bucky splashed with colorful three-tipped figures on white.

“Buck Y Badger”
Across the street, we spied “Buck Y Badger” sporting antlers, a tribute to Wisconsin deer hunting.

“Hip Buckster”
My mom, sister and I headed to Lake Monona for a pontoon boat ride. We spied “Hip Buckster” with a bandana headband and a tie-dyed bullseye peace symbol centered on his chest. A “no-wake-zone” nixed our ride. We continued our Monona Bucky tour, although according to my 90 year-old mother, Bucky was a poor substitute for a boat ride.

“Grow” Bucky
At Olbrich Gardens, from his deep root system, “Grow” Bucky sprouts grass and bright red flowers stretching toward the sky.

“Farmer Bucky”
A park in Monona displayed “Farmer Bucky,” a tribute to the 68,000 farms dotting the Wisconsin landscape.

“It’s Always Construction Season” Bucky
Grasping a shovel and a set of plans, “It’s Always Construction Season” Bucky features snippets of Madison life interspersed with scenes from Wisconsin’s fifth season, road construction.