Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part V)


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part V)

I stopped and consulted my map. A bearded man sitting on a bench called out to me, “Are you looking for the Buckys?” I nodded. He pointed. “Well if you walk that way, there are a couple of Buckys and then you continue around the outer rim of the Capitol. After that you go around […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part IV)

Since I was close to the polar bear exhibit, I thought I could finally catch a glimpse of the polar bear. Once again, no polar bear in sight. I trudged back up the hill toward another favorite, the lions. Exhibit closed. The pitter-patter of rain failed to discourage the various bikers in Olin Park. I […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part III)

A luncheon in Fitchburg prompted the next leg of my Bucky quest. I wanted to track down the Buckys before the rain.


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part II)

At the University Bookstore, I snagged a Bucky map and ventured into Buckyland. I met other Bucky seekers at the Union Terrace including several young ladies from Poland. We checked our maps, offered directions and exchanged cameras for photo shoots. A vacant platform stands next to the fountain at Library Mall. Where is “One Leg […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part I)

I had inadvertently stumbled upon Bucky On Parade, a total of 85 Buckys created by various local artists. For four months the Buckys would be displayed around the city and afterward many would be auctioned off for charity. From this point on, my vehicle automatically diverted to Bucky sightings. My car had caught the Bucky Bug. […]


My Quest for Bucky

“You’re not supposed to be here,” the man said. I glanced around the basement hallway. “But Bucky is here.” “There is no Bucky here.”  “But this is the address on my map,” I said, waving my Bucky map. As I headed out, I passed an office with a sign on the door, “Bucky is at […]


Just A Summer Read? (Part II: The Value of Non-Fiction)

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. ―Dr. Seuss For many of us, reading non-fiction began in the halls of higher learning, shortly after we mastered “See Jane run.” Depending on our bent, earthworms, ants and mathematical equations may not have endeared us to […]


Just A Summer Read? (Part 1: The Value of Fiction)

From early childhood, I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge from reading fiction. I am grateful for the life lessons of Mother Goose. Don’t sit on a wall, or I might fall. If I trudge up a hill to fetch water I might tumble down, especially if I’m with a boy. No matter how tempting, […]


A Life Rebuilt—After Ovarian Cancer

In Wisconsin, we have two seasons—winter and construction. For me, a diagnosis of ovarian cancer hurled me into a winter season. Cancer raised a stop sign, interrupting my life. But when I merged into life after cancer, I faced a new challenge. What do I do now? Who am I as an ovarian cancer survivor? […]


Bladder Cancer Awareness—A Tribute to Tracy

“I have stage 4 bladder cancer,” my sister Tracy said. “It’s also in my lungs and liver.” No! I felt like I was kicked in the chest. Her life-threatening pronouncement sucked the oxygen out of my lungs. How could this happen to my go-to-the-gym-every-day sister? She was only fifty-two! “Do you remember the bleeding I […]