Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part VI)

“A Taste of Madison” Bucky
On to Monona Terrace and “A Taste of Madison” Bucky, finely penned with Madison’s lakes and skylines.

“I Am Bucky”
“I Am Bucky” guards the entrance to Monona Terrace, reflecting us all in his mirror-like finish.

“Bucky Lloyd Wright”
I head to the terrace rooftop and discover that in addition to finding “Bucky Lloyd Wright” created in honor of Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright, I had arrived at Dane Dances. I bypassed the music stage, grabbed a walking taco, found a seat overlooking Lake Monona and watched the boats float over the glimmering water. A nearby couple struck up a conversation, informing me that their daughter painted the iconic-bibbed “GameDayBucky.”

“We Are Bucky”
Despite the heat and rush hour traffic, I exited my clinic appointment and sought out a few more remaining Buckys near campus. I pulled into the circle of a campus building, flashers blazing. Thankfully, I only encountered, “We Are Bucky” decoupaged with program covers, ticket stubs, newspaper headlines and photos of fans.

“And On Wisconsin” Bucky
I plugged a meter at the Kohl Center and located “And On Wisconsin” Bucky, representing past, present and future band members.

“Pucky” Bucky
Beads of perspiration clung to my forehead as I set out for Campus Mall and “Pucky” Bucky, ready for hockey season along with superhero, “Superbuck.”

“Crazylegs Bucky”
In front of the UW-Madison Police Station, I joined the line of cars parked under multiple signs stating “No Parking, Police Order.” Today was the unveiling of “Crazylegs Bucky” named after the 1969-1987 UW athletic director Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch. His running style gained him fame while playing half back from 1941-1942. The annual Crazylegs run is named after him.

“Bucky Alvaraez”
Across the street “Bucky Alvaraez” is ready to coach Badger football at Camp Randall Stadium. 

“Strike Up the Band Bucky”
On my way home, I stopped on North Shore Drive and walked along the path toward “Strike Up the Band Bucky” featuring glow-in-the-dark fireworks showering the Capitol.

August 22

“The Long Drive Dominator” Bucky
Off to Verona to snag my last two Buckys On Parade! Hidden behind the clubhouse, “The Long Drive Dominator” Bucky is ready to tee off.

“Border Battle” Bucky
In lumberjack attire, “Border Battle” Bucky wields the Paul Bunyan Axe, epitomizing the rivalry between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In my quest for Bucky, I plugged greedy meters, drove on probable footpaths, parked in permit-only lots and flipped my flashers in “No Parking” zones. I circled the Capitol, trekked through campus and climbed stairs equivalent to a stair-stepper workout. A Fitbit would have logged a record number of steps. I trolled Facebook, elicited phone support, dodged raindrops, trudged through mud puddles and swatted mosquitoes. I was even expelled from a building, Through many detours, I ferreted out the covert Buckys tucked away from public viewing until I succeeded in locating all 85 Buckys in Bucky on Parade.

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