World Ovarian Cancer Day


World Ovarian Cancer Day

In 2006, I rolled over in bed and felt a grapefruit-sized mass in my abdomen. I Thought it   was just a fibroid.  Several weeks later, I had an appointment with a physical therapist for a back injury. The therapist instructed me to lie face down on the therapy table. He pressed his fingers along either side […]


11 Facets to Upgrade a Friendship

Friends are like precious jewels in a treasure chest.


Come Let Us Adore Him

O come let us adore himO come let us adore himO come let us adore himChrist the Lord The strains of “O Come All Ye Faithful” echoed throughout the church on Christmas Eve. In the darkness, the candle flames flickered. As the solitary light streamed over the manger scene, a sense of awe settled over […]


Not All Female Cancers Are Pink

Pink lights illuminate bridges, state capitols and city landmarks. Runners, walkers and strollers race for the cure. Pink ribbons embellish bags, jewelry, hats and t-shirts. Teas, brunches and banquets raise funds for breast cancer research. Even NFL players sport pink in October. Think pink! Wear pink! Celebrate pink! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. […]


7 Tips to Rebuild Your Life After a Winter Season

Sometimes my life seems to mirror the two seasons dominating Wisconsin—winter and road construction. For me, a diagnosis of ovarian cancer raised a stop sign and detoured me into a winter season. Major life events can divert us into the barrenness of winter, loss of a loved one or a job, changes in finances or […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part VI)

August 22 In my quest for Bucky, I plugged greedy meters, drove on probable footpaths, parked in permit-only lots and flipped my flashers in “No Parking” zones. I circled the Capitol, trekked through campus and climbed stairs equivalent to a stair-stepper workout. A Fitbit would have logged a record number of steps. I trolled Facebook, […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part V)

I stopped and consulted my map. A bearded man sitting on a bench called out to me, “Are you looking for the Buckys?” I nodded. He pointed. “Well if you walk that way, there are a couple of Buckys and then you continue around the outer rim of the Capitol. After that you go around […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part IV)

Since I was close to the polar bear exhibit, I thought I could finally catch a glimpse of the polar bear. Once again, no polar bear in sight. I trudged back up the hill toward another favorite, the lions. Exhibit closed. The pitter-patter of rain failed to discourage the various bikers in Olin Park. I […]


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part III)

A luncheon in Fitchburg prompted the next leg of my Bucky quest. I wanted to track down the Buckys before the rain.


Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part II)

At the University Bookstore, I snagged a Bucky map and ventured into Buckyland. I met other Bucky seekers at the Union Terrace including several young ladies from Poland. We checked our maps, offered directions and exchanged cameras for photo shoots. A vacant platform stands next to the fountain at Library Mall. Where is “One Leg […]