Renewed Christmas Blessings

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Be inspired by the captivating stories and poetry featured in this new Christmas anthology, Renewed Christmas Blessings. We hope you enjoy the Christmas memories, musings, and humor shared by Michelle Rayburn and twenty-six contributors. May our voices inspire you to capture the wonder of Christmas.

In Renewed Christmas Blessings we invite you to walk down memory lane of past traditions, laugh at our anecdotes, and experience a renewed hope and faith in difficult places. 

Cozy up to the fireplace with your tea or hot cocoa and reminisce with me as I share “Snapshots from Christmas Past”. 

Renewed Christmas Blessings is available at Amazon:

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Christmas Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

In honor of the release of Renewed Christmas Blessing, we’ve put together a Christmas shopping guide with other books published by or including contributions by the same 27 authors. 

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