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Bucky On Parade Chronicles (Part II)

June 22

Overcast and 70 degrees, I got the perfect day for a campus Bucky stroll. On my way, I pulled over to check out “Sunburst Bucky,” recently discharged from the Bucky hospital after being tossed in Lake Mendota. Near the corners of his eyes, tear-shaped sailboats float along the horizon.




At the University Bookstore, I snagged a Bucky map and ventured into Buckyland. I met other Bucky seekers at the Union Terrace including several young ladies from Poland. We checked our maps, offered directions and exchanged cameras for photo shoots.


“Sunset” Bucky reflects the colors of a sunset over Lake Mendota while holding on to the best seat in the house.




Clad in his classic red and white striped sweater, “Retro Bucky” features various renditions of Bucky through the years.




Centered on his basketball platform, “Baller Bucky” suits up for a UW basketball game.




Football Saturday would not be complete without the red and white striped bibs worn by “GameDayBucky.”




Flexing his muscles and baring his teeth, no one messes around with “Visible Bucky.”




A vacant platform stands next to the fountain at Library Mall. Where is “One Leg Up Bucky?” Malicious graffiti had sent him to the Bucky hospital.


“Bucky Come Se Picasso” invites us to partake of the artistic feast at The Chazen Museum.




I continued my trek up State Street to“1st And 10” Bucky sporting shoulder pads and a football jersey, ready to take on any opponent at Camp Randall Stadium.




“Bucky At The Terrace” depicts a summer day at the Union Terrace, with its iconic metal chairs overlooking the sailboats gliding across the lake.




Madison-themed designs are tattooed across “Ink’d Wisconsinly” Bucky.




“Vintage Postcard” sends greetings from Madison featuring the downtown, Capitol and lakes. Nearby, a few bills littered the open guitar case of a street musician singing his off-key ditties. I had to contribute.




The Capitol, a flamingo, and of course Wisconsin cheese grace “Madison Traditions” Bucky.




Captain Bucky dons his aviator glasses and flight wings as “Bucky How’d You Get So Fly.”




“Grateful Red” shoots hoops amid cheers from the student section.




From campus, I headed to Picnic Point where “Goodnight Bucky” depicts the joys of camping.




I zigzagged through a UW 24/7 monitored parking lot for a close-up view of “Major Bucky” leading the band, baton in hand.




I wound my way back through campus in search of several more Buckys, but no matter what the map indicated, I couldn’t find them.


On my way home, I spied another Bucky and swerved into the “No Parking” circle and hit my flashers. A field of flowers dotted with flamingos cover “Flamingo Bucky,” symbolizing a yearly UW tradition of planting plastic flamingos on Bascom Hill.




One more Bucky to wind up the day. I swooped into a 15-minute parking spot at Union South and circled the building to “Leckrone’s Stop At The Top” Bucky named after UW band director Michael Leckrone who created the band’s signature step “Stop At the Top.”







  • Anita Klumpers says:

    These are amazing! But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Sunset Bucky

  • Joan Shawhan says:

    Thank you, Anita! I like that Bucky, too!

  • Lori Lipsky says:

    I think I like Bucky Come Se Picasso and Bucky at the Terrace best. Such a fun post! What adventures you had.

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