Bald Is Beautiful

“Bald is beautiful,” said the young woman on the television screen as she proudly displayed her shaved head. I was not alone. She had also braved chemotherapy as a result of ovarian cancer. During the entire course of my treatment, television stations aired this commercial. I held onto this message like a child clutching a favorite teddy bear. Words of comfort and hope wrapped themselves around me and gave me courage to shave my head when clumps of hair deserted my scalp, clogged my comb and left a patchwork of baldness.

The brush of the razor blade sliced what little hair I had left. I winced as sharp pain radiated through my scalp. Wisps of hair floated to the floor, mingled with tears. Through misty eyes, I stared at the bald woman in the mirror. She was me.

Today we celebrate “Bald Is In” day. For all of you who are bald, whether by choice or chemotherapy, this day is for you.

Yes, bald is beautiful.

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