Teal Aware—God Aware

September is ovarian cancer awareness month. Let us be teal aware.

As an ovarian cancer survivor, I am aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. I am aware of how ovarian cancer affected my body and impacted my life. I am aware and often alarmed by episodes of mild nausea, bloating and indigestion. I magnify these symptoms under my imaginary cancer microscope.

Increased abdominal girth: too much pizza or another volleyball-size tumor?

Tired and worn out? Many a woman’s nemesis after age 50.

But I not only need to be teal aware, I need to be God aware. I need to remind myself of how His grace and love brought me through this difficult season. He will always be with me no matter what my future holds, and He will guide my feet down the right path.

But as survivors, we want to be more than just aware for ourselves. We want to warn other women of the symptoms—the symptoms that whisper.

Contact your doctor if the following symptoms persist for several weeks:

Gastrointestinal symptoms:

  • Bloating, indigestion, nausea, feeling full or loss of appetite
  • Pelvic or low back pressure
  • Urinating more frequently
  • Changes in bowel patterns
  • Tired or low energy

This September let us be teal aware—aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

This September let us be God aware. He knows us and loves us—right down to our teal toes.

2 thoughts on “Teal Aware—God Aware”

  1. How encouraging, Joanie. A wonderful reminder to rest in the Lord’s care! Also to be aware of the symptoms for the sake of others around us. Well done!

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