Live & Learn: Unexpected Lessons from God’s Classroom

Have you ever asked God, “Haven’t I learned enough, yet?” 

I have.

Once again, I find myself sitting in God’s classroom. 

There’s always a new lesson to learn, a new trial to overcome, or a deeper insight to glean. It seems like I never outgrow learning lessons in God’s classroom.

I’m excited to announce the release of a new Word Girls compilation book, Live & Learn, Unexpected Lessons from God’s Classroom. This book includes two of my stories: “Can You See How Big I Am?” and “True Treasures”.

I am honored, along with twenty-six other women, to share with you our ah-ha moments from God’s classroom. Whether the stories are funny, tender, or life-changing, they are all relatable. 

I invite you to share in the journeys of myself and the 26 other women who share their lessons from God’s classroom.

Here is a sneak peak of a few lessons learned by our contributing authors.

God's greatness

I would like to extend an invitation to each one of you, our readers  

We are offering an exciting opportunity to participate in a Facebook book club beginning October 1, 2022.  Each day we will feature one of our lessons and provide an opportunity to interact online with the authors.  

Click the link for the “Live and Learn Book Club” and join our book club discussion.

The book is available on Amazon: