Camp Mak-A-Dream

This week is American Camp Week. Nestled in the Rockies near Missoula Montana, Camp Mak-A-Dream exceeded expectations for ovarian cancer survivors last summer. Cabins dot the hillside, and there we bunked together. After a full day of activities, we encouraged one another as we shared our cancer stories.

We tackled the physical challenges offered by the camp: archery, a shooting range, high ropes course, zip-lining, rock wall climbing and hiking trails. Each victory celebrated reminded us that we are overcomers. I overcame my fear and zip-lined for the first time. Victory! The joy reflected in the beaming face of our camp director mirrored my own.

Fight Girl

The Art Barn, featured two gifted artists, fighting their own battles with ovarian cancer. Amidst their joy and laughter we nurtured our own creativity as we tie-dyed shirts, painted silk scarves, decorated goodie bags and personalized a puzzle piece. The completed puzzle reminded us that we are connected and do not fight this battle alone.

On Super Heroes night, larger than life Incredible Hulk, Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Wonder Woman lined the dining room. We laughed and posed in our real and imagined superheroes costumes against backdrops of the Hall of Justice, the Heroes Lounge the Enemy’s Lair and a telephone booth. Ladies cloaked in teal morphed into caped crusaders fighting ovarian cancer.

Cabin superheroes

But at Camp Mak-A-Dream, I met the real superheroes—those who face the challenges of ovarian cancer with courage, dignity and joy.