BEAT Ingratitude this Thanksgiving

Do you find it hard to be grateful? Sometimes the challenges we face make it difficult to feel thankful. When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was not overcome with gratitude. But I was grateful that I could turn to a God who loved me and had a plan for my life.

Ingratitude is just as insidious as cancer. It creeps into our minds, seeding negativity, destroying healthy thought patterns until we become cynical, critical and complaining. We often don’t recognize the destruction hiding within until it spills out over our lips.

For early detection of ovarian cancer, we use the acronym BEAT. We can apply this same acronym to detect those areas of ingratitude in our own lives and restore an attitude of gratitude so that we can truly offer thanks to God this Thanksgiving.

BEAT Ingratitude

B – Bow down in humility, surrendering ourselves to God

E – Examine self. Am I grateful? What do I complain or grumble about? Ask God for forgiveness.

A – Adore. Praise and worship of God fills me with gratitude.

T – Thank God for the blessings He has already given.

May we be truly thankful this Thanksgiving.